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in little spaces.

We use tried-and-true research methodologies to bring out your customer's needs and wants... and even their hopes and dreams. Let us help you bring great ideas to life.


People ignore design that ignores people
– Frank Chimero, Author of “The Shape of Design" 



I became an interaction designer in the mid-90s, when I landed my first job at Micron Technology. It wasn't long before I was hand-coding my own HTML, and built a company intranet. I also wrote Online Help and freelanced as a web designer and as an illustrator for science textbooks (Allyn & Bacon, Simon & Schuster). After moving to Dallas, I was trained in User-Centered Design and Usability Testing in 2000 by a Human Factors consultant from EDS. Later, I worked with companies such as Sabre Holdings and and on many other successful large-scale implementations, and I have the numbers to demonstrate that success. My primary focus now is assisting companies with their UX process and strategy.


"Shannon has been very helpful to Echidna and our clients . She jumped right into the work and has been an absolute professional. Kudos, Shannon!"


Michael Braun, CXO, Echidna

""Shannon expertly guided us in creating a consolidated site map to combine content from three existing websites into one new site. During the design phase, her insights about user experience simplified and enhanced the user flow resulting in an excellent final product.""

Kaylee Godley, Project Manager, Covenant Design