About Us

20 years industry experience in the following:

 - UX strategy, product conception

 - User-Centered Design

 - Usability: research & testing

 - Websites, software application, and mobile/responsive

 - Technical writing, copywriting

 - Heuristic Evaluations and Competitive Analysis

 - Visual design and art direction

 - Executive & Client Presentation



- TMX Finance's Actual Cash Value tool, which generated over 7M in loans in 2 weeks.


 - Leadership in the creation of TripCase’s UI , critical to TripCase partnerships with Apple, the gold standard for User Experience,  and with Microsoft.


 - As a result, the application was featured in Apple commercials internationally, and is downloaded to all demo devices in Apple stores around the United States.


 - Concept and execution of the TripCase message-stream allows users to receive un-intrusive real-time messages from TripCase connected partners, who in turn receive an astounding 10% CTR.


 - TripCase had over 200,000 downloads in its first six months. 4.5/5 stars. Listed as Business Week Best Travel App of the week in 2009.


 - Bolstered annual revenues at Match.com by $3 million by increasing the number of photos loaded to user profiles 20% with a new photo management application design, which drove users to complete the subscription process.


 - Solicited and won buy-in for new technology on the Match.com core site and designed an experience that enabled users to upload photos from their mobile phones to the Web site to drive additional photos for the first time.


 - This resulted in an improved take rate of 35% by pioneering a new concept to bring Match.com to mobile phones. This success was nominated for a Webby award.


 - Created a new Instant Messenger application , in partnership with Microsoft. This resulted in a 5% boost in international and domestic communication and eliminated a Top 3 concern among users.


 - WWW Health Award for Best Consumer Information Portal for leading art direction and user experience at Healthvision, a healthcare technology company.


 - Nationally-known e-commerce brand site redesign: Overall redesign strategy, user testing & multivariate testing. Results 2012: Visits up 20.1% yr/yr Page views up 50.6% yr/yr , Web Requests up 16.1% yr/yr , Email sends were up 27.3% yr/yr , Email opt-ins were up 79.2% yr/yr


 - UX design, strategy and testing led to a highly successful CRM campaign (55% open rate, 2007) for Match.com.