Case Studies

Rent A Center
When Rent-A-Center became a client, there were myriad UX problems with their site. To name a few, the original design was out of date and contributed to user mistrust of the brand. The value proposition was unclear. The lead generation / application process was too long and users dropped out of the process without completion. There was no pricing on the site. Images were small and difficult to view.  Email opt-in was very low. 
The Work
1. Eight-week long site survey of customers, asking detailed questions about their experience on the site. The survey confirmed many of the UX concerns that we had going in and allowed us to show the client that our concerns matched those of their customers. 
2.  Full site information redesign. The original site was difficult to use, find and browse purchases; we added layers of navigation and expanded pages that had originally had a tight, cramped layout.
3. Rapid iterative in-lab prototype testing. This allowed us to capture real-time information regarding user experience with regard to the recommended site modifications. Particular attention was paid to the lead generation/ application form in order to encourage completion. 
4. Full site visual redesign. 
5. Inclusion of trust factors including regional pricing at weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments to assist customers in their discovery and understanding of products and value.
6. Overall improvement of communications with customer via email opt-in and presentation of offers via email to targeted customers. 
7. A/B and Multivariate testing in real-time post implementation.
The Payoff

  • Visits up 20.1% yr/yr

  • Page views up 50.6% yr/yr

  • Web Requests up 16.1% yr/yr

  • Email sends were up 27.3% yr/yr

  • Email opt-ins were up 79.2% yr/yr

 identified a problem through data analytics demonstrating that too many users were dropping off during the subscription flow. Our work was to identify what UX issues might be causing the dropoff and solve accordingly. 
The Work
1. Analyze each step of the subscription flow page-by-page via heuristic evaluation and data analysis
2. Provide tactical solutions to improve the sign up process for users
3. Research other sites with powerful sign-up processes
4. Discovery: the key weakness we discovered in the sign-up flow was attributed to the photo upload process. It was outdated from both a design and development perspective and was unusable on mobile devices to boot. Our solution was to streamline photo upload through both design and updating the code base to make it fast and easy for users to add a photo and continue with the sign up process.
The Payoff
Improvements to sign-up flow generated $3 million and increased the number of photos loaded to user profiles 20% 
The Work
Sable Travel Studios is the research and development arm of Sabre, an airline reservations company. Their goal is to ideate, create, and bring new products to the suite of Sabre brands, which include Kayak, IgoUgo, Travelocity and others. Our challenge was to leverage Sabre software and Sabre information to travelers through a smartphone app interface. 
1. Brainstorm concepts to help users with various features of travel: white boarding, ideation, proof-of-concept exercises
2. Rapid iterative wireframe concepts presented to key stakeholders 
3. Agile-based design and development of a world-class travel app 
4. Extensive usability testing and beta product testing
5. Review product with Apple UX Evangelist for presentation to the App store
The Payoff
- Featured in Apple commercials in 2009
- Gathered over 200,000 users in less than six months, 4.5/5 stars
- Listed as Business Week Best Travel App of the week in 2009
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